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A little bit about us...

The Whipperginnies are based in North Wales and met while entertaining guests at Ruthin Castle Medieval Banquets.  We decided to band together to take our talents to the wider mediaeval world, but without limiting our repertoire only to music strictly from that period and giving ourselves the freedom to write and perform our own pieces as well.  We draw from the folk traditions of our homeland as well as England, Scotland, Ireland and France and our repertoire spans from Early music through to the last century.

With musical backgrounds as diverse as opera, folk, jazz and heavy rock, and geographical backgrounds from Wales, Northern England and Southern France, we have an enormous breadth of cultural and performance experience to bring to our work and our audiences.

We love performing together and wanted to bring that fun and enjoyment out to our audiences, not only by seeing us and listening to us, but by participating in our songs, dances and stories and feeling included in the spirit of the event.  Our motto is "Life is too short", so go mediaeval and enjoy it while you can!

We are available for nationwide bookings.  Please use our contact page for enquiries, or email us at

Should you need any costumes or room dressing for your special medieval occasion, we highly recommend The Costume Company for an amazing transformation of any party of guests or venue.  Please visit for more details.

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