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The Whipperginnies


Here we are...

Welcome Lords and Ladies to Ye Olde Mediaeval Website of The Whipperginnies

The Whipperginnies are an all female troupe of multi-period mediaeval troubadours, who through music, song and dance guarantee to instil into you and your guests the true spirit of the Middle Ages.  All highly experienced vocalists in their own right, their magical three part harmonies would spell bind Merlin himself!  


Accompanying themselves on a mixture of period and modern instruments including classical guitar, recorder, saxophone, spinet, drums and more, they play and sing variety of mediaeval, Celtic and traditional folk songs in English, Welsh, French and Latin.  And should the occasion require it they may instersperse their mediaeval programme with comedy songs and show tunes, just to keep you on your toes!

Equally at home singing songs written by themselves, Henry VIII or Barbara Streisand, these versatile performers are not just background noise, but will engage with their audience and encourage them to join in.  By the end of the evening your guests may well have danced a jig or a hornpipe, learned to sing in a round, acted out a mediaeval tragedy and pretended to be a Welsh Goat!

For any enquiries please contact us by email at, or telephone Lady Karen on 07856 588441. You may also use our contact page to send us a message.

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